This poster I created for a college assignment inspired by an art installation that I volunteered my video colouring and editing skills to.  It was the greatest experience I have had in my career to date.  The installation was at the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George, BC.
Newspaper ad

Designed for the festival program
I designed this poster for a contest and won for the 2013 Design Show at CNC.
Photo that I illustrated from Hedley's Quietest Concert Ever held in Banff, Alberta 2013.
A poster I designed while taking my internship at the College of New Caledonia Communication Services Department.
I volunteered this design to the CNC Food Services department.
I created this menu design during my first year of college.
This is the inside design of my first years menu.
This is the cover of my re-design of first years menu.
This is the inside of my re-design of first years menu.
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